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Guilford High School: Equality in Our Justice System

The Guilford Fund for Education is thrilled to announce our first grant of the 2020-21 academic year awarded to Guilford High School’s Language Arts Teacher, Heather Bradley, that will benefit the entire Freshman class. Heather’s proposal includes the book “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson and a speaker from a representative from the Equal Justice Initiative. Read More


Covid Response Grants

Since the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, the Guilford Fund for Education has awarded 19 COVID Response Grants across six of the seven schools in the District. Guilford youth in Guilford Public Schools are benefitting from creative techniques teachers and staff are implementing to overcome the challenges imposed by COVID-19. Read More


Flamenco in the Classroom

An exciting opportunity for Melissa Jones Elementary students to experience the art of Flamenco. The workshop integrated multiple disciplines into the World Language Program, including math and movement. This grant is the 2020-2021 winner of the Superintendent’s Challenge! Read More


Baldwin Middle School Introduces New Literature

Adding to the existing “Social Issues Book Club” program, Baldwin 5th grade students were given new options. These books offer the children another opportunity for introspective reflection and an awareness of others in our community. Read More


Taking Science Outdoors

The Pollinator Garden grant awarded to GHS applies Environmental Science concepts to the everyday activity of creating a garden. Students take what they have learned and explore the themes in a unique setting. This grant brings excitement to high school students getting their hands dirty as they learn. Read More


Responding to Student Demand

Students at Adams Middle School and Guilford High School benefit from the creativity of their technology teachers. This grant brings the Vex Robotics program to 7th and 8th graders, allowing further development as they continue in high school. Read More


Evolving Education Grants

From Guilford preschools to other students in the District, GFFE awarded 3 Evolving Education grants. This grant program recognizes the demand for small grants to respond to the transformative environment of today. These opportunities reward creative teachers at all levels. Read More about these: Baldwin Middle School Playground, Community Nursery School and Guilford Center for Children in conjunction with the Guilford Free Library


Full STEAM Ahead

This grant adds the “Arts” in STEM and brings innovative approaches to learning a variety of disciplines. Students at Baldwin Middle School explore curriculum through hands-on methods. Concepts introduced as a result of this grant bring excitement to learning.  Read More

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