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Grant Application Process

Submit Concept


Applicant proposes the program concept by submitting a brief description (300 words) of the objective, grant type and the name of the school/organization to benefit. (Applicant is also required to confirm that funding is not available through other avenues.)

Complete Application


GFFE Grant Committee reviews the proposal to ensure it aligns with GFFE’s mission. GFFE will email the complete application, instructions and organization approval for the applicant to complete.

Document Review
Public Speaker



GFFE will assign a facilitator to review the submission with the applicant.  Once the application is complete and ready for review the applicant will be scheduled to present to the Grants Committee for final evaluation for funding.



Based on the recommendation from the GFFE Grant Committee, the GFFE Board of Directors will vote to award the grant. The GFFE Treasurer will send a check to the applicant’s organization to the address provided.

Signing Check
Document with Pen


Progress Update

Six months after the start date, the applicant will provide a status update and photos of the grant in action, to the GFFE Grant Committee. 

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