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The GFFE is proud to announce The Superintendent's Challenge Winner!

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The Winner is... The Flamenco in the Classroom Grant.

The Superintendent has made his selection for the 2021 Superintendent's Challenge, which is when Dr. Paul Freeman selects his favorite grant from the wonderful choices he had this year! Flamenco won! The GFFE will celebrate The Flamenco in the Classroom Grant by applauding Teacher Theresa Biagiarelli and Melissa Jones Elementary School Principal Michele Han and gifting them a check for $1000 which will fund further cultural awareness programming and materials for Melissa Jones Elementary School. Dr. Freeman selected this spirited grant because it embodies how fun education can be while honoring a different culture through exciting movement and music. To read more about this grant, please visit our Flamenco in the Classroom Blog. Congratulations to the Flamenco stars in our midst!

In closing, the GFFE heartily congratulates all of our grant winners this year and gives a standing ovation to the Guilford Public School teachers working in this challenged pandemic environment. You are an inspiration. Olé!

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