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About GFFE

GFFE provides grants to educators for ideas that fall outside of their budget,  providing the funding to explore new concepts, enhance existing curriculum and strengthen the learning process.  The projects we fund wouldn’t be realized otherwise.

GFFE was created in 2006 when the founders recognized the need for funding of creative and innovative learning experiences - these projects were proposed by teachers and fell outside of the Board of Education budget. As a partner to Guilford Public Schools (GPS), and other nonprofit organizations that work with the young people of our town, we connect with educators and open doors to novel learning paths and ingenuity in the classroom.

Educators are the difference-makers in our children’s lives but they often do not have the money to bring their creative ideas to life- this is where GFFE comes in. GFFE creates possibilities! GFFE knows learning takes place in many venues which is why we support GPS as well as educators servicing youth through other community non-profits. We also seek to encourage and deepen a community-wide enthusiasm for excellence in education.

GFFE exists to make the impossible possible.

Celebrating 10 Years

GFFE Celebrating 10 Years of Partnering with the Guilford Community

GFFE Celebrating 10 Years of Partnering with the Guilford Community

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Our Mission

Our Vision

To give educators and students an avenue to explore, experiment, and bring fresh educational ideas and experiences to youth.


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