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GFFE is an all volunteer organization and cannot operate without the support of Guilford residents like you. We are grateful to all of our supporters and enjoy being a part of such a generous community. Thank you for your interest.


Here are various ways you may become involved:


Grants Program: Interested in working with teachers and non-profit organizations during the GFFE grant application process? This committee meets about once per month as part of the grant process and recommends grants for approval by the GFFE Board. 


Finance Committee: The GFFE Board relies on the expertise of this committee to advise on financial matters. This small group of people have an immense impact on the future of the Guilford Fund for Education. 


Marketing and Development: Do you have experience in promoting organization(s) or fundraising? We could use your support to develop new ideas or implement our existing strategy. 


Nominating Committee: Since GFFE relies on volunteers, this committee is charged with identifying resources to support the activities and business needs of the organization. If you are looking to be more involved in our community or build your network, this committee is for you. 


Events Volunteer: You may have participated in a GFFE sponsored event like the Adult Spelling Bee. Are you interested in planning and organizing these community-building activities? Guilford youth enjoy the annual Kids’ Spelling Bee and Bee Ball, an exciting basketball tournament. We cannot host these events without support from volunteers like you. 

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