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Be a Difference Maker!

There are three main ways to support The Guilford Fund for Education; monetarily, by volunteering, or participation in events. GFFE is grateful for all types of support. 

Let's Make the Impossible Possible

Donations and Sponsorships

You can choose to become an annual or event sponsor of GFFE. Our 2023-24 Sponsorship Levels ensure that your gift is recognized in a robust way in our community. You can also choose another type of donation such as during our Annual Appeal in the fall, a monthly/annual automated contribution, or a one-time gift. If you are ready to give, click the DONATE button.

GFFE invites you to contribute to honor those teachers in our lives that went above and beyond to create curiosity and enthusiasm in their students. More often than not, educators have endless ideas but are hampered by budget constraints. GFFE frees educators from these funding constraints that impede innovation. The beneficiaries of the grant monies are educators within Guilford Public Schools or local non-profits, as well as students who collaborate with their teacher on special projects. Ultimately, we invest in Guilford youth through these grants - after all, they are the future leaders and citizens of Guilford and our world.

The Volunteer page provides descriptions of the opportunities to share your time and talents with GFFE. Take a look and find out what interests you and then fill in the Volunteer Form. We will get back to you to discuss.

GFFE has a lengthy history of running fun community events that also raise money for grants. You may have heard of GFFE through our Kid & Adult Spelling Bees, Family Trivia Bee, STAR Awards, and Bee Ball. Community participation in these events are critical to their success. Please check the Events page for the most recent information. 


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