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Qualifications & Tips

Guilford Fund for Education was created to give teachers an avenue to explore, experiment and bring their creative ideas to the youth of Guilford.  As a partner to Guilford Public Schools and non-profits that work with the young people of our town, we want to help educators open the doors to new learning paths and spark innovation in the classroom.


What is GFFE's vision?

To give educators and students an avenue to explore, experiment, and bring fresh educational ideas and experiences to youth by funding proposals which fall outside of an organization’s budget. 


Who is the GFFE?

All volunteer not-for-profit, seeking to invest in Guilford youth through advancement of innovative and creative ideas.


What do we fund?
  • New, creative ideas that expand programming for young people

  • Pilots/concepts that teachers want to explore with a group of students

  • Initiatives that align with the vision of the district and curriculum standards

  • Opportunities that will be sustainable through future district/school support

  • Courses or Enrichment for Teachers  (necessary for executing the grant, excluding salary, travel, etc. expenses)

  • Select program expansion or renewal opportunities - requires coordinated GFFE and District discussions


What don’t we fund?
  • Items that can be included and purchased through the district budget

  • Supply Lists - requests must support a new learning objective and approach to elevate learning for children

  • Field trips - although not in the budget, supported by parents or PTOs

  • Materials/Programs typically funded by PTOs

Here are some examples of applications that demonstrated innovation and impact and were funded:

What do we expect from the applicant?

A typed, concise, clear grant application explanation including:

  • Explanation of how their creative idea will have an impact on their school, students and/or the community

  • Intended audience to benefit

  • Resources and programming align with district philosophy

  • Collaboration with building and district partners who can further enrich and support concept

  • Approval forms completed by organization/building leadership and district review committee 


How do I create a budget for my project?
  • Research the cost of the items or services you need.  Create an online chart to itemize the details of supplies and cost.  Consult the district to determine if any district discounts are available.  

  • Tips and tricks: 

    • Recommend attaching an online shopping cart as part of your budget. 

    • Do not guesstimate quotes. If you need a contractor for part of the work, consult with one and get a reasonable estimate. If you are purchasing multiple items (e.g., plants/shrubs), figure out what you think you will need and get a real quote from a seller. 

What does the signature from the Principal/Administrator/Director validate?
  • We fully expect that you will review the program goals, timeline and requirements with your organization/building leadership to confirm there are no issues with alignment to the vision or goals of the district or organization leadership. In doing so, you will be sure to have leadership agreement with the following: 

    • GFFE is the right source of funding and that district/organization budget is not available for this purpose

    • Alignment to the vision

    • Alignment to curricular goals and standards

    • Concept will work and be supported in the building where it is proposed for the timeline requested

    • Sustainability costs required from the building/organization/district (ability to incorporate into future budgets) can be funded

    • Alternative equipment is unavailable and pricing is optimized with district purchasing power

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please discuss with the grants chairs or your facilitator once assigned.  We’re here to help you through the steps of the process. Once complete, submit your application to

Thank you for applying to GFFE!
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