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VEX Robotics Grant

We want Robotics! A whopping 70% of students said yes please to the opportunity to learn

robotics and coding. And guess what? They were heard!

Julia Burch and James Carlson, teachers from Adams Middle School and Guilford High School respectively, teamed up to apply for a GFFE grant which would allow students to be introduced to robotics in Adams and delve even deeper into that robotics exploration at Guilford High School. And they were approved! This innovative, exciting grant is worth over $12,000 and will be a collaborative effort between Adams and GHS creating a well coded connection between the two schools’ technology and engineering programs. This exciting venture will expose all genders to the complex fields of robotics and coding. The GFFE applauds the courage and creativity of such exploration and looks forward to hearing the progress of Julia, James and their students. Good luck and congratulations to all!

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