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Baldwin Book Club

Baldwin's Book Club is diving into new literature with Baldwin Middle School's Literacy Coach, Ashley Huckabone! Ms. Huckabone was awarded a GFFE grant in literature and has chosen two exciting titles which will inspire and challenge students to examine their own lives and the world around them. The books are entitled "We're Not From Here" by Geoff Rodkey and "A Good Kind of Trouble '' by Lisa Moore Ramée and they explore racism, injustice and bias. The teachers at Baldwin will lead discussions around these topics encouraging students to ask questions along with the protagonists to engage in some soul-searching, deep thinking of their own. Empathy is nurtured when we read about others' lives and this unit will foster students' sense of compassion and curiosity about how we each live. We are eager to hear how Ms. Huckabone's unit on these books evolves at BMS - keep us posted, Ms. Huckabone! - and we thank her for her insights and vision for this reading adventure. Good luck, BMS Students! Read on!

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