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We’re 'Rooting' for You!

Starting this spring, Guilford High School Environmental Science students will have the opportunity to design, install, and maintain a pollinator garden on the school’s campus. Pollinators, including bees and butterflies, are a critical component of any ecosystem. They allow plants to reproduce and provide food for other organisms such as birds. Connecticut, along with the rest of the world, has suffered a decline in pollinators in recent years. Through activities such as the creation of sun maps, research into pollinators, and the development of a garden scape, students will learn about the importance and survival requirements of pollinators. Additionally, they will discover their ability to make a positive environmental impact, as they will build the garden themselves. Students will cultivate seedlings in the GHS Greenhouse and ensure the garden’s longevity through irrigation techniques and pest management. This grant will inspire Guilford youth to be active participants in the sustainability movement. It may also benefit other GHS departments, since the garden can be used for coursework in Math Studies, Arts, and English classes. The garden will be installed by May and will lie on the South Side of the school grounds.

The Guilford Fund for Education is honored to award grant for the Pollinator Garden to Samantha Chiappa, GHS Science Teacher. We look forward to visiting the garden and seeing the fruits of labor!

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