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Flamenco in the Classroom!

Updated: May 23, 2021

Elementary school students learning Spanish by dancing! You read that right! Students at Melissa Jones Elementary will be immersed in the historical and cultural aspects of Flamenco with this grant. They will learn the "palmas," the basic flamenco movement vocabulary, enhancing their ongoing Spanish studies and offering them a deeper dive in the Spanish culture. Hands and feet in motion, students will perform virtually at the culmination of this grant, demonstrating their understanding of Flamenco and its historical origins. An experienced, renowned artist, Rebecca Tomás whose career has been devoted to Flamenco, will share her passion for this art form as our teaching artist, leading young dancers in a virtual workshop each week for two months. Initially targeted towards second graders because their curriculum examines cultural dance, this project could easily be modified for other grade levels and schools. No doubt it will offer a wonderful break from the screen studies that drain students of energy. Flamenco offers them the chance to get moving! Serendipitously, the talented music teacher at Melissa Jones, Rex Sturdevant, who is a specialist in percussive instruments, has volunteered to assist with this project which has been spearheaded by Theresa Biagiarelli. Mr. Sturdevant will weave his percussive passion into the work on Flamenco which ought to provide an interesting aural diversity to this endeavor. When children are invited to learn in creative ways, their inspiration is tapped - who knows where it will lead! Exciting engaging education is what this Flamenco program offers - encouraging children to learn in distinctive, dramatic ways. Olé!

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