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Baldwin Middle School is going Full STEAM Ahead with the Full STEAM Ahead grant!

A picture of Ms. Ricci-Boyle as she received her grant certificate.

Congratulations to teachers Lisa Ricci-Boyle and Courtney Summa-Barbour, who are at the helm of this grant which will focus on integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math activities into the education of their fifth and sixth graders.

With Full STEAM Ahead, students will be problem-finding and problem-solving through hands-on STEAM experiences. Students will explore open-ended challenges that encourage tinkering, electronics, and coding, while strengthening their creativity, computational thinking, and problem-solving abilities. As Ms. Ricci-Boyle and Ms. Summa-Barbour said, "cross-disciplinary connections between science, technology, engineering, art, music, and math are what real-world problem-solving is all about and we are cultivating a maker's mindset to encourage students to... be the change we wish to see in the world!"

Wonderful mission, Ms. Ricci-Boyle and Ms. Summa-Barbour! Best wishes on Full STEAM Ahead!

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