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Harmony Across Schools

The GFFE is excited to announce the Harmony Across Schools Collaborative Grant.

The Harmony Across Schools Collaborative Grant will allow for the establishment of an interconnected music library across all four elementary schools in Guilford.

This shared library will include a diverse range of instruments which will rotate through schools, as music teachers “check out” instruments for their classes.

Cultivating a sense of belonging, musical community and artistic expression, this grant will ensure that each school has shared access to the same musical instruments, creating more equitable experiences for our youngest students. 

Thank you to Music Teachers Sarah Lluberes from Guilford Lakes Elementary School, Erin Naclerio from Melissa Jones Elementary School, Nicholas Abraham from Calvin Leete Elementary School and Russell Kleiner from A.W. Cox Elementary School for working together to bring this wonderful idea to all of the elementary students in Guilford!

To continue to support the creativity and innovation in our Guilford schools, please consider donating to the Or to learn more about all that we do, visit

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