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Calling GFFE Spring Grant Applicants

Guilford Fund for Education is excited to support our community's many educators.

Educator (noun): a person who teaches and guides children in their academic and personal development.

This includes YOU! Club leaders, bus drivers, coaches, religious leaders, artists, paraprofessionals, teachers, mental health professionals, etc. - the many important people who inspire our youth.

We hope you will consider applying for a Spring GFFE Grant by our Monday, March 4th deadline. This spring we will admit traditional applications and encourage grants aligned to our Spring 2024 Focus: Supporting Belonging.

We are looking for ideas sharing how you may help to lift up our community by building compassionate citizens across the lifespan. We are seeking proposals that encourage belonging and help everyone - visitors and residents alike - feel welcome.

We are interested in expanding the offerings in our community to celebrate the differences, inspire learning, and explore the topics that help all feel welcome in Guilford, while preparing our youth to thrive in a diverse society.

GFFE is a non-profit organization that gives all of our community educators and students an avenue to explore, experiment, and bring fresh ideas to our youth. GFFE seeks to empower people to think outside the box and to funnel their passion and vitality into transforming learning channels for our youth.

If you want to discuss your concept or approach with a GFFE representative, please reach out to us at Share your concept, training need or goal in 300 words or less at

We are here to make the impossible possible...and it all starts with you!

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