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Cultural Celebrations

The Guilford Fund for Education is excited to announce the Cultural Celebrations Grant for Community Nursery School.

Encouraging young students to explore and understand the many ways people live and celebrate holidays all over the world, the Cultural Celebrations Grant will provide books, resources and activities for both classroom and at-home learning.

This grant supports lessons of cultural awareness, kindness, acceptance and compassion, and provides a wonderful opportunity for those lessons to continue at home. Parents and caregivers will have an opportunity to take canvas tote bags home that are full of celebration books, resources and activities. What a wonderful way to expand student learning!

Thank you to Rachel Daniels, and all of the educators at Community Nursery School, for your creativity and dedication to encouraging global awareness in our youngest learners!

To continue supporting the creativity and innovation of our educators and students, please consider donating to or to learn more about all that we do, visit

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