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TLC Redesigned With Students in Mind

The GFFE is proud to award the CARES Corner Grant to Special Education Teacher Lisa Butler-Shields. The grant will allow for Ms.Butler-Shields to successfully redesign and equip the Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) classroom at Adams Middle School with furniture and other materials necessary to create an atmosphere that fosters learning and promotes social and emotional wellness.

Student centered and driven by research, the Therapeutic Learning Center functions as a home base for students requiring behavioral and social emotional support. When needing short structured and supported breaks, students have the TLC classroom. Often the traditional set up of a classroom does not support students’ varying and specific needs. The grant will allow for Ms. Butler-Shields to create an environment where students feel successful, supported, included, and understood. A student that needs to move or fidgets in their seat will now have a student rocking chair. Students that need to ground themselves will have access to sensory bins. Floor lamps with soft lighting will create the welcoming, peaceful atmosphere that supports students’ social-emotional needs.

The GFFE is excited about the redesign of the Therapeutic Learning Center and are especially grateful to Lisa! Thank you for your heart, vision and dedication to the students at Adams Middle School.

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