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The Witness Stone Project

The Witness Stone Project, with the help of grants from the Guilford Fund for Education and several other charitable groups, was developed to restore the history of the enslaved in Guilford. The committee developed a Social Studies/LA unit where students explored slavery in Connecticut using primary and secondary documents to tell the story of the locally enslaved. The students used civic engagement to create paper booklets and digital copies of their stories and, with the committee’s help, installed Witness Stones at residences in Guilford where slaves lived. The grant funded the website for fundraising, continuation of the project, digital archiving of student work, and the printing of pamphlets for the initial installations. The project engaged 270 8th grade students and has the potential to be continued for many years.

On November 2, 2017, Guilford celebrated the installation of three Witness Stones with a ceremony on the Guilford Green attended by over two hundred students and citizens.

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