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The Howlers Ensemble Will ‘Steel’ your Heart

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

More music is happening in the Guilford Public Schools, thanks to Music Teacher

Russell Kleiner. The GFFE is thrilled to award AW Cox Elementary School with the

Howlers Ensemble Grant.

The AW Cox Howlers Ensemble is a performing ensemble of steel pan and bucket

marching drums for upper elementary students. The musicians will also learn how to

play ukuleles, marimbas and other types of percussion instruments.

Performing popular and multicultural songs at district events, fairs, parades and more,

the Howlers Ensemble will delight audiences in Guilford and throughout Connecticut.

These young musicians will have opportunities to collaborate with GPS Middle and High

School students. The Howlers Ensemble will serve as musical ambassadors of AW Cox

- working together, having fun while also spreading the joy and love of music.

Thank you Russell Kleiner for giving young students an opportunity to see themselves

as meaningful participants in the community and in the world of music.

To continue supporting the creativity and innovation of our teachers and students,

please consider donating to the or to learn more about all that we are

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