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The Buzz is going! March 7th at 4pm is our GFFE Trivia Bee!

We sure hope you trivia and family-fun fans out there will join us in supporting the GFFE! We’re looking forward to our afternoon of Trivia from 4-5:30pm on March 7th!

This past year of pandemic-time has been fatiguing for all of us, but our educators and students have done a remarkable job finding exciting ways to inspire and learn despite the constraints of Covid. The Guilford Fund for Education (GFFE) has been diligently working to support them with grants that foster creativity and invite innovation to their classrooms, both online and in person. Let’s keep the support going in an entertaining way this March! On March 7th at 4pm we'll log on for our first GFFE Trivia Bee.

To donate to the GFFE or to register for this event, please go to:

Here's to smarts and super-fun at the Trivia Bee! Thanks, all.

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