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STEM Mini Grant Awarded to North Guilford Nursery School

The GFFE is pleased to award North Guilford Nursery School teacher Kathryn Boyd the Introduction to STEM Mini Grant.

The Mini Grant will offer STEM learning materials and experiences to preschool students while also promoting a home school connection with NGNS families. Students will learn independently and collaboratively in stations that offer exploration with magnetism, motion, buoyancy, engineering and design.

Students will lead their own learning as they observe, experiment, build, ask questions, and create with their classmates, teachers and family members at home. The innovative aspect of this Mini Grant is how NGNS encourages family members to be a part of their learning. STEM projects and kits will be shared at home to further expand and extend the students’ learning experiences.

Hands on learning, when coupled with family involvement, is so meaningful for young students. Thank you, Kathryn Boyd, for your commitment to your students and their families!

To consider supporting the creativity and innovation of our teachers and students,

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