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Spreading the Joy of Music at Adams

Music teachers Mr. Moreno and Mr. Laudano were awarded a GFFE grant to supply keyboards to all students in General Music at Adams Middle School. The 18

keyboards will give students a creative outlet to play and learn about music-making.

This grant provides an instrumental music option to nearly 1⁄3 of the AMS student population. It also creates a pathway to future general music courses offered at GHS. Students who are learning a new instrument face various challenges that they must overcome to succeed. This can be directly tied to academic rigor, learning as apprenticeship, self-management of learning, and recognition of accomplishment. Learning a new instrument provides students the opportunity to master fundamental principles of music while also advancing cognitive processing and fine motor skills.

To continue supporting the great creativity and innovation of our teachers, please consider donating to and joining us for our upcoming Trivia Bee event hosted at Baldwin Middle School on November 4. Families are encouraged to participate, register for the Queen Bee (family registration, pizza dinner and 10 prize tickets) and support the work of our Guilford educators: Doors will open at 5:30pm to preview some prior grants as well as to purchase concessions.

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