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Relaxation Station at Adams Middle Made Possible by GFFE

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Congratulations to Cheryl Robertson who has been awarded the Brain Games Mini

Grant for the library at Adams Middle School. The grant will add STEM activities to the

Relaxation Station, a treasured quiet spot in the library where students can unwind and

challenge their minds with cognitive games.

What calms the mind after an exam? Or what sparks a conversation better than a brain teaser? Some students may need to find pause from their academic work. Or perhaps others need to ease in to or out of the school day. The Relaxation Station offers students a reliable, quiet space for socialization, communication and connection. With this grant, students will now find more challenging and fun STEM activities, like logic games and puzzles, in this loved section of the library.

Thank you Cheryl Robertson for your time and dedication to our students!

To continue supporting the creativity and innovation of our teachers and students, please consider donating to or to learn more about all that we do, visit

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