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Ready, Set, Build!

The GFFE is thrilled to announce the Constructing Next Generation of Engineers with LEGOS! Grant at Baldwin Middle School. What’s even more exciting is that these next generation of engineers will start constructing and exploring as soon as the spring of 2024!

The Constructing Next Generation of Engineers with LEGOS! Grant will engage middle school students in engineering and design while fostering an understanding of forces and motion. The addition of LEGO Bricq Motion Prime Sets will bring 6th grade science classrooms at Baldwin Middle School to a whole new level.

Students will engage in problem-solving and critical thinking, while bringing concepts in physics to life. Constructing machines, testing hypotheses and making adjustments, these LEGO BricQ Sets promote collaborative learning in the classroom and will invite all sixth grade students to explore the world of physics constructively year after year.

Thank you to 6th grade Baldwin Middle School Science teachers Jen Lisi and Pete Cuticelli, for pushing the limits of physics exploration and for promoting inclusivity, creativity and teamwork in the classroom.

To continue to support more creativity and innovation ideas like this grant, please consider donating to or to learn more about all that we do, visit

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