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Reaching New Heights at Calvin Leete with Project Ascent

The GFFE is excited to award the Project Ascent Grant to Physical Education teacher Henry B. Prescott III at Calvin Leete Elementary School. The Project Ascent Grant will allow for the purchase and installation of an indoor 16x18 foot traverse wall complete with moveable handholds and varying challenges for students of all abilities. The traverse wall will be the first of its kind to be installed in any of the Guilford elementary schools.

Project Ascent aims to provide elementary students a climbing course that will improve physical strength and challenge cognitive function. Students will use their upper and lower body strength as they navigate the various leveled routes. Students will increase not only muscular strength and endurance but will also improve flexibility and body composition.

Project Ascent aligns with SHAPE (Society of Health and Physical Educators) National Physical Education Standards and several of Guilford’s Principles of Learning, offering opportunities to further the goal of “creating confident and competent movers for a lifetime”.

Physical and mental strength, working memory, problem solving, and confidence are just a few of the benefits our students will gain from Project Ascent! Thank you Mr. Prescott for your dedication to student health and fitness!

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