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Grant Awarded to Baldwin Middle School

The GFFE is excited to award Dana Cutler with the Flexible Seating Mini Grant. The Mini Grant will provide students with a variety of seating choices that promote creativity, collaboration and movement. When Ms. Cutler exchanged her traditional desk chair for a yoga ball, she immediately took notice of the positive changes in her physical health. She also loved how easy (and fun!) it was to move around the classroom to confer with her students. With the Flexible Seating Mini Grant, Ms. Cutler will be able to purchase wobble chairs, yoga balls, floor chairs and portable lap desks for her students to use during classroom time. Writers will benefit from a variety of creative spaces in the classroom, choosing what they need to be successful in language arts. Thank you Dana Cutler for focusing on student choice and movement in your classroom! The writers in your sixth grade classroom are fortunate for you and your engaging learning environment. And the GFFE is “moved” by your dedication to the needs of your students.

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