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Congratulations to COVID Response Grant Recipients!

Since the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, the Guilford Fund for Education has awarded 12 COVID Response Grants across six of the seven schools in the District. Guilford youth in Guilford Public Schools are benefitting from creative techniques teachers and staff are implementing to overcome the challenges imposed by COVID-19. At Calvin Leete Elementary School, the library is adding eBooks for students and teachers to access for remote learning. For music class at Melissa Jones Elementary School, kids play individual percussion instruments as an alternative when there are restrictions to sharing implements and limitations on singing. Guilford Lakes Elementary School is addressing the social emotional wellbeing of students by painting paws in outdoor spaces to enable socially distant games, as well as movement around the grounds.

At the middle school level, several teachers have requested materials to enhancing the learning experience in math classes. It’s clear that Guilford youth find this subject particularly challenging in this environment and at Adams and Baldwin, teachers are implementing methods to address these needs and capture the attention of their students. Guilford High School students in the International Baccalaureate program will reap the rewards of collaboration and an increase in virtual interaction in their English classes.

The Guilford Fund for Education is proud to support these efforts especially during this extraordinary time. We will continue to do our part to bring creative ideas into the classroom that benefit youth in Guilford. Congratulations to all of our grant recipients!

Melissa Jones Elementary School:

Michele Bernard, Maureen Shields and Rex Studevant

Guilford Lakes Elementary School:

Kristina Vail, Jennifer Brown, Lee Beatty and Liz Mancini

Calvin Leete Elementary School:

Cheryl Monaco

Baldwin Middle School:

Sean Chmielewski, Courtney Summa-Barbour and Anne Lombard

Adams Middle School:

Jessica Gellert and Michael Szeligowski

Guilford High School:

Allison Camarco

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