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Trivia Bee 2021: Join us March 7th

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Save the Date! Fun times await in March. That’s right: March 7th to be exact! The GFFE is hosting...drumroll please…a Trivia Bee!

Spelling won’t cut it this year so we’re stepping it up to trivia! Get your thinking caps on and join us from 4-5:30pm on March 7th for Trivia, Prizes, and GFFE fun!

As we all know, this past year of pandemic-time has been challenging and also transformative for our educators and students. The Guilford Fund for Education (GFFE) has been working hard to support them both through providing grants which enhance Guilford’s educational environment and bring innovation to classrooms, both online and in person.

In 2020, we gave out more than $18,000 in grants! Many of those grants addressed the challenges of teaching in a hybrid model, while others advanced STEM curriculum, cultural arts or furthered discussion around the most complex societal issues. Let’s keep the support going at the Trivia Bee for families on Sunday, March 7 at 4pm. Registration is at

We’ll see you for some smarts and super-fun at the Trivia Bee!

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