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Technology Enhancement Grant Awarded to GHS

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

The GFFE recently awarded the Technology Enhancement Grant to Guilford High School English teacher Angela Russo. In order to meet graduation requirements, every high school student is required to partake in the Mastery Based Diploma Assessment course, through which students will develop an in-depth inquiry surrounding a complex, real world problem and provide possible solutions. With this awarded grant, students will now be able to unleash their creativity with new and innovative presentation ideas, such as infomercials, commercials, podcasts, movies, television broadcasts and much more. Every student will now have equitable access to equipment, such as cameras and microphones, so that their creativity and vision are not limited by a lack of access to supplies.

The GFFE is proud to be a part of preparing our GHS graduates to be successful in their pursuits after high school. Thank you Angela Russo for your time and dedication to our students!

"I am very excited about this grant, as it will allow the MBDA program to purchase the necessary equipment to assist students in producing creative and innovative projects. This course focuses on the students ability to use their 21st century skills and apply them to life skills beyond the classroom; this grant will allow students to do this the best way possible."

- Angela Russo

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