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Health and Fitness at MJS!

Score for soccer player, coach and Physical Education teacher Derek DeLucia at

Melissa Jones Elementary School! But Derek, more commonly known as Coach D, will

tell you the U Fitness Grant isn’t about winning, it’s about inspiring and motivating his

students on their individualized journey towards a life of health and fitness.

With the U Fitness Grant, Coach D will be able to enhance the PE program at MJS with

the use of a Heart Zones kit. Using wristband heart rate monitors, students will be able

to see and track their exertion levels in class and will receive individualized feedback on

how to improve. By being able to track their performance in real time, students will see

number of steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, as well as measure their amount of

moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity (MVPA) each week.

Inspired by the work of Dr. Daniel F. O’Neill, Coach D recognizes how his students

struggle with finding their “personal fitness identity”. Coach D wants to empower his

students to focus on their own health and fitness and make exercise an essential part of

their lives.

Thank you Coach D for recognizing the importance of physical health! The students at

Melissa Jones are sure to win again and again in the lifelong game of fitness with your

positive energy and leadership.

To continue supporting inspiration and innovation in our classrooms, please consider

donating to or to learn about all that we do, visit

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