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GFFE Congratulates Julia Burch for her Recently Approved Micro:bits Grant!

Updated: May 22, 2022

Adams Middle School Project-based Learning with Micro:bits

GFFE is excited to announce the approval for a new grant! This STEM-oriented project uses a hands-on approach to learning, through Micro:bits (pocket-sized computers). Submitted by tech education teacher Julia Burch and supported by Principal Mike Regan, students in seventh grade will have the new opportunity to take part in these coding projects. Micro:bits will challenge students in learning:

  • Coding

  • Computer science concepts

  • Physical computing

  • Designing/building tangible objects

  • Teamwork

  • Individual work

This grant allows students in seventh grade to tap into their creativity and have fun with technology. A huge thank you and congratulations to teacher Julia Burch for working so diligently with our Guilford students and for partnering with Guilford Fund for Education. We are excited to have played a part in this amazing concept and look forward to seeing all of the things the students create!

Guilford Fund For Education (GFFE) is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that gives Guilford educators and students an avenue to explore, experiment, and bring fresh ideas for educational experiences by funding proposals that fall outside of an organization’s budget.

If you would like to make a donation, volunteer, or know a teacher who would like to submit a proposal, visit

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