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Digital Music Production Grant at GHS

The GFFE is thrilled to award the Digital Music Production/STEM 1 Grant to Orchestra

Teacher Christopher Jones and the Music Department at the Guilford High School. The

Digital Music Production Grant will allow for the Music Department to offer a new STEM

course to all high school students in the upcoming 2023/24 academic year.

With this new course created by the GHS Music Department and the equipment funded by the GFFE grant, students will experience music production in the digital age. The course is offered to all students but will appeal specifically to those who choose to be “behind the scenes” rather than on stage performing music. Students will learn how a song is written, recorded and produced with equipment used in the music industry. Students will learn recording techniques, live/concert sound production, and DJ/mixing technology.

The Digital Music Production course will promote lifelong learning for the music enthusiast. Students will be able to apply all the skills learned from the course either by composing their own digitally created music at home, recording GHS ensembles, running the sound for theater productions, or DJ-ing music events in the community. Students and staff are so excited about the addition of the new course for next year.

The GFFE is equally enthusiastic about funding another musical and creative opportunity for students.

Thank you, Christopher Jones, for sharing your energy and intellect with the students at Guilford High School!

To continue supporting innovation in our schools, please consider donating to or to learn about all that we do, please visit

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