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Cheryl Monaco's Makerspace Grant Named Superintendent's Challenge Winner 2021-2022

Cheryl Monaco, Calvin Leete Elementary’s Library Media Specialist, has won this year’s Superintendent’s Challenge award for her Makerspace grant!

Dr. Freeman recognized all seven 2021-2022 GPS Grant recipients for the first time this year at Convocation. He also announced the $1,000 Challenge award winner, Cheryl Monaco, in front of her peers at Guilford High School. This funding is donated to Leete Elementary school, where Ms. Monaco teaches, to enable the school to advance educational needs locally.

Coming in at $80,000 (the largest from the GFFE to date), the Makerspace grant will help establish creative learning spaces in all four elementary schools, where students can experiment, create, and problem solve. The grant will thus benefit all K-4 students in Guilford—a feat no previous grant has accomplished.

GFFE recognizes Cheryl as a great example of a difference-maker, someone who had the vision and desire to bring her creative idea to life for the benefit of Guilford students. GFFE creates possibilities and wants to continue to expand educational opportunity for all Guilford youth.

The Guilford Fund for Education is kicking off their Annual Appeal on September 8 through October 15 and are seeking donations, sponsors, and volunteers. The GFFE will host the Kids’ Spelling Bee at the Guilford Fair at 2pm in the main tent on September 17 as well as the Trivia Bee in November, Bee Ball 3v3 basketball tournament in March and the Adult Spelling Bee in April.

Learn more at and help make the impossible possible!

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