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A Festival Worth Waiting For!

The Guilford Fund for Education is pleased to award the Educational Outreach Grant to Peter Hawes for 2023 GreenStage Guilford Live Arts Festival.

The GreenStage Guilford Live Arts Festival will present to the community a wide range of free hands-on educational performances and experiences. Storytelling, dance, choral music, puppetry, and community discussions are a few of the many interactive and creative offerings to the public. The Guilford Green will host the Festival, along with nearby businesses, churches and community spaces.

The GreenStage Guilford Live Arts Festival will also travel to several of the Guilford Public Schools, offering at least six artist led workshops and master classes for our students. The GreenStage Guilford Live Arts will coordinate and collaborate with Guilford teachers in language arts, performing arts, special education and unified sports to offer students several class offerings such as vocal technique, choral repertoire, improvisation, musical scoring for TV and film, spoken word and dance/movement.

Thank you Peter Hawes and GreenStage Guilford for continuing to enrich our community and schools with innovative programming and creative live arts performances. Thank you for bringing a world of performing artists to our students!

To continue supporting innovation in our classrooms, please consider donating to or to learn more about all that we do, visit

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