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Guilford Performing Arts Festival

Providing performing arts programming for the public and Adams and GHS students through workshops and master classes, this grant offered experiential learning opportunities for students, while focusing on their awareness of race, gender, cultural diversity and tolerance. A variety of performance mediums including dance, drama and music, enabled the community to focus introspectively and to explore their ways of thinking.


Standing Desks

Encouraging more effective learning and productivity, the addition of standing desks at E.C. Adams Middle School enriches the overall learning environment in the classroom and supports the needs of all learners. Inclusive and accessible in their design, these desks increase concentration and engagement, therefore meeting student’s needs both physically and academically.


Book Ambassador Program

Promoting critical thinking and empathy towards others through the addition of numerous books reflecting diversity and inclusion, this grant encourages students to expand their worldly views beyond their immediate communities. The Book Ambassador program is an educational enrichment opportunity that allows students to read, reflect and write about these titles. Ambassadors will help empower their peers to read and discuss texts from this collection, all while building knowledge and understanding of the world and people around them.


Outdoor Engineering

The Outdoor Engineering Lab at Community Nursery School provides young learners with the freedom to build and explore ideas on a large scale. Supporting cooperative learning, problem solving, social/emotional growth, fine motor skills, language, math and science, this learning lab encourages children to build big, be creative, and to work together towards a common goal.


Sensory Garden Outdoor Learning Space

The Baldwin Middle School Sensory Garden provides a much needed inclusive, interactive and holistic outdoor space for students with sensory regulatory needs. Supporting the physical and social/emotional needs of students in the 5th and 6th grade, this multi-sensory space includes swings, sustainable plants, wind chimes, stepping stones, pinwheels, and more. Addressing the growing levels of stress and anxiety within schools, this garden creates a space for mindfulness and wellness for all students and staff.


Pixton App

Encouraging young writers to build on their love of storytelling and Graphic Novels, the purchase of the Pixton App at Baldwin Middle School supports student’s learning in a fun and interactive way. This Graphic Novel enrichment program uses the Pixton App to help students combine their creative writing with characters, backgrounds, actions, speech bubbles, sound effects and other graphic novel elements and features.


Project Based Learning with Micro:bits

Using pocket-sized computers that include LED light displays, buttons, sensors and multiple input/output features, this grant introduces 7th grade students to coding, computer science concepts and physical computing using Micro:bits. This project based, hands-on learning concept uses a maker philosophy to tackle real world, local and global problems through student collaboration and creative solutions.


Coastal Watershed and Environmental Education

The Coastal Watershed/Environmental Education Project is an interactive program to educate early learners at Guilford Center for Children about pollution in coastal areas, the cost of this pollution and ways to remediate its effects. This interactive program replicates conditions in our environment to teach some of the youngest members in our community about pollution, while encouraging them to practice good habits and teaching them ways to help protect our planet.



Celebrating imagination, innovation and exploration through project based learning, this Makerspace grant brings creativity labs to all four elementary schools in Guilford. Encouraging critical thinking, communication, problem solving and perseverance, these open learning spaces complement and enrich curriculum across all disciplines using a variety of materials and technology.

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