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Flexible Seating Grant

This grant allows students to be more engaged and focused on their classwork, given the fact that we have multi choice seating. Kids have the freedom to move around the room and use whatever space works best for them. Students are even working productively next to their friends. The overall vibe in the room has become more positive and friendly given the new seating arrangement. 


Lego Physics

The Constructing Next Generation of Engineers with LEGOS! grant will engage 6th grade middle school students at Baldwin Middle School in engineering and design, while fostering an understanding of forces and motion. Students will be challenged with problem-solving and critical thinking while bringing concepts in physics to life in a collaborative learning environment.


D.I. Math Treat Cart

The D.I. (Direct Instruction) Math Treat Cart Mini grant funded the startup of a student-led weekly beverage and snack cart at Guilford High School. The D.I. Math Treat Cart will give students a real life opportunity to practice math, to improve social skills, to build self-confidence, and to take on more responsibility. Students will design, launch and operate their own business, offering hot coffee, lemonade, and popcorn to the entire school community. 


Adams CARES Corner

The Adams CARES Corner grant will allow Special Education teacher Lisa Butler-Shields to successfully redesign and equip the Therapeutic Center (TLC) classroom at Adams Middle School with furniture and other materials necessary to create an atmosphere that fosters learning and promotes social wellness. This grant will help Ms. Butler-Shields create an environment where students feel successful, supported, included and understood.


Outdoor Mindfulness Garden

The Outdoor Mindfulness Grant will provide preschoolers at Community Nursery School with an elevated platform, seating and other materials to create an outdoor place where students can participate in focused yoga, breathing and relaxation activities. This outdoor space will help teach our youngest learners mindfulness skills that they can take with them through elementary, middle and high school. 


Child-led Science Exploration

The Child-led Science Exploration Mini grant promotes play based learning while expanding the science curriculum at Community Nursery School. This grant includes the addition of learning tools such as an outdoor water runway and sorting trays, designed to encourage exploration and discovery. 


Teamwork Tools

The Teamwork Tools Mini grant supports social emotional learning for all first grade students at A.W. Cox Elementary School, with the addition of non-academic, STEM based materials such as wooden geometric tangrams, magnetic sticks and tiles, math link cubes and educational building blocks. Students will be able to transition into school with ease knowing that they can start the day designing, building and creating in small groups in the classroom with their peers.


Puzzling Tasks

This Puzzling Tasks Mini grant will provide 3rd and 4th grade students at Guilford Lake Elementary School with jigsaw and logic puzzles, brain teasers and riddles. The addition of these puzzle stations will create a place where students can go to emotionally regulate, think and learn with peers during math workshops and indoor recess. Working in teams will help build classroom community and belonging, while also strengthening problem solving skills.


GHS Multicultural Festival

This Mini grant was submitted by GHS student Sergio Garcia-Perez and promotes the first-ever student-led Multicultural Festival at Guilford High School. Through various performances, attendees will have the opportunity to gain insight into diverse traditions, customs, and perspectives of the student body. This Multicultural Festival will foster inclusivity, understanding and pride in cultural backgrounds among the students and the wider Guilford community.


Stewards of the Land

This mini grant will provide essential tools allowing members of the Pilgrim Fellowship of First Congregational Church, in partnership with Guilford Land Conservation Trust, to focus on environmental service and understand what it means to be a land steward. Students will learn how to read maps and mark boundaries, how to identify native vs. non-native plants and develop a deeper understanding of land conservation. 


Multi-sensory Activities for Mentors and Mentees

The Multi-sensory Activities for Mentors and Mentees grant will provide education and training for Guilford Youth Mentors on how to enhance emotional regulation and connection through sensory exploration. This grant will provide sensory kits for mentors and mentees so that mentees will be able to learn adaptive social emotional awareness that will last a lifetime.


Cultural Celebrations

Encouraging young students to explore and understand the many ways people live and celebrate holidays all over the world, the Cultural Celebrations grant for Community Nursery School will provide books, resources and activities for both classroom and at-home learning. This grant supports lessons of cultural awareness, kindness, acceptance and compassion, and provides a wonderful opportunity for those lessons to continue at home. Parents and caregivers will have an opportunity to take canvas tote bags home that are full of celebration books, resources and activities- what a wonderful way to expand student learning!


Harmony Across Schools

The Harmony Across Schools collaborative grant will allow for the establishment of an interconnected music library across all four elementary schools in Guilford. This shared library will include a diverse range of instruments which will rotate through schools, as music teachers “check out” instruments for their classes. Cultivating a sense of belonging, musical community and artistic expression, this grant will ensure that each school has shared access to the same musical instruments, creating more equitable experiences for our youngest learners.



The GFFE will be working on a process to help senior students registered in the Mastery Based Diploma Assessment class at Guilford High School, attain funds to develop their individual school projects. Through a grant application process, students will reach out to the GFFE for funds to purchase materials to be used towards these projects. This approach will teach students how to apply for outside sources of funding by learning about and completing the grant writing process, and by taking on the responsibility of following through with financial support. The GFFE looks forward to collaborating with Jane Natoli and the MDBA teachers in this endeavor.


VisABLE Dance-Unified Sports Program

This mini grant will provide funding for GreenStage Guilford to host dancer, therapist and expressive arts consultant Kerry Quincy, as a resident providing workshops in collaboration with Guilford Public schools’ Unified Sports Program. Intended to strengthen participants’ self-awareness, self-expressive abilities and senses of value and belonging through the practice of dance, these programs will afford students with differing realities a chance to meet, interact, move, dance and share their unique experiences in a safe, supportive and fun environment. These workshops will include interaction with Unified Sports participants from five other towns and culminate in a performance in the Spring of 2024.


Building Community

This mini grant will help establish a club where Guilford High School students and community members can come together to explore and celebrate the richness of Italian language and culture. These monthly meetings will be held at the Guilford Free Library and will include cultural exchanges, language practice, cooking demonstrations, traditional crafts, lively games and storytelling sessions- all created to immerse club members in the shared love of Italian heritage.

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