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AW Cox: Cultural Enrichment

Using a new approach to enrichment programming, the Cultural Enrichment Committee, as part of the A.W. Cox Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), has scheduled five carefully selected programs to provide the children with a set of unique, yet complementary, lasting lessons about interacting positively with others and protecting the world in which we live. Current event themes are explored in an environment that students can enjoy and embrace, including:

·         Making Good Choices/Anti-Bullying

·         Cultural/Racial Diversity and Understanding

·         Enhanced Communication/Civic Engagement

·         Environmental Conservation

·         Disability and Inclusion


Baldwin Middle School: Building Community

The funding provides supplies for current programming efforts, the Choose Love Movement. Focusing on social emotional learning (SEL), and through professional development, areas of impact include improved school climate, increased academic outcomes for students, and positive relationship building.


AW Cox: Labyrinth in the Shed

Embedded in the center of a 40’ x 40’ protected play area called “The Shed” you will find a 12’ wide labyrinth inspired as a tribute to the late principal, Vince Agostine. This extension of the Mindfulness Program already at AW Cox, and also formerly funded by the GFFE, provides educators the opportunity to develop lessons to engage students in physical and mindful activities and to support enhanced classroom management practices. Studies have shown that after walking the labyrinth students think more clearly and creatively; they do better taking an exam; they are calmer and their blood pressure is lowered; and they have better task functioning and increased body balance.


Guilford Center for Children Early Education: Science Program Enhancement

Serving children ages 3-5, Guilford Center for Children Early Education was awarded materials to enhance their science and STEM lessons including an indoor water exploration center and an animal tracks curriculum.


Guilford High School Voices, Adams Middle School Keynotes, and Baldwin Middle

School Select Chorus: “Let’s be a Generation of Hope”, Commissioned New Work,


Collaborating for the first time and working with composer, Jim Papoulis, choral students within Guilford Public Schools premiered their new song in April of 2019 at the Guilford Public Schools Choral Festival. Exposing the students to a newly composed piece of music helped build upon their musical literacy and artistic interpretations, and heighten their overall musicianship.


Guilford High School: Coding Drones

This grant funded the purchase of 22 Tello drones and accessories. These are small indoor/outdoor drones that use a block coding program called Scratch. Scratch is a programing language that was developed and is supported by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and MIT. The program is designed to introduce students to coding. As students advance in skills, the programming progresses in difficulty based on the student’s performance. The drones add to this experience and engage students with a 720p video camera, smart phone applications and the ability to be use with a virtual reality headset.


Guilford Performing Art’s Festival and Guilford High School:  Performing Arts Festival Educational Project

The Guilford Performing Art’s Festival and Guilford High School Educational Project is an in-school education, public workshops, and arts-based public service project. The project will put on public performances by more than 50 artists from a diversity of performing-arts genres and cultures. 

Elements of the program include in-school classes and performances at Guilford High School, public educational workshops in the performing arts, and a partnership with Project Courage. Project Courage uses the arts to support addiction recovery for youth. All program offerings to students and the public are free.


Guilford High School: Yoga Club

The Yoga Club requested appropriate equipment (blocks, blankets, bolsters, etc.) to run a successful club that is accessible to all students, creating a welcoming, safe environment that will encourage positive, healthy learning. The club meets after school twice monthly and is open to students of all levels. The club practices different styles of yoga -some high intensity, some relaxing with a variety of music and props. The focus of the class is mental and physical health, which will be practiced through physical poses, meditation, guided breathing exercises, and collaboration with peers and the town community. 

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