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Guilford High School: Internet Safety

Joel Rebhun, Guilford High School, was awarded a grant for a program by Scott Driscoll on internet safety.  He will speak to 800 students about how to best protect themselves on the internet.  This grant was awarded the prestigious Superintendent's Award.


Melissa Jones School: "Look for the Good" Program

Sarah Lizee, Melissa Jones School, was awarded a grant to conduct the "Look for the Good" program to all grades at the school.  The Look For the Good Project, is a two week school wide program that focuses on showing students how to have kindness and gratitude in their everyday lives. Students and staff will be working together to improve school climate, promote student leadership, and promote social emotional learning for all community members involved.


Elizabeth Adams Middle School: Dissection Kits

Diane Stevens, Elizabeth Adams Middle School, was awarded a grant to purchase dissection kits for the Adams Science and Environmental Club.


Melissa Jones: National Circus Project

Serving children ages 3-5, Guilford Center for Children Early Education was awarded materials to enhance their science and STEM lessons including an indoor water exploration center and an animal tracks curriculum.


All Guilford Schools: "Look for the Good" Program

The DAY organization was awarded a grant to bring the "Look for the Good" program to all the Guilford schools in concert with the program Sara Lizee is running at Melissa Jones School.


The Shoreline Arts Alliance

The Shoreline Arts Alliance was awarded a grant to expand their Summer Internship Program.


Elizabeth Adams Middle School: Art Show

Julie Harrington, Adams Middle School, was awarded a grant to improve their student art show with movable exhibition panels. 

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