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3D Printer Grant

The goal of The 3D Printer Grant was to obtain a 3D printer so that students who are currently learning to use CAD, can print actual objects rather than just pictures of objects. Students will be able to create unique articles of their own design. All of the 600 7th and 8th grade students in Guilford will be learning to use CAD, they will be creating components for projects that they already build manually. (rockets, vehicles, etc) In addition they will have an opportunity to design an individualized article from start to finish.


Girls Unlimited Guilford Grant

The Girls Unlimited Guilford Grant, awarded to Guilford Youth and Family Services and Jill Paglino, will be a one-day conference next Spring bringing teen girls together for a unique educational experience, aligned with the goals of the Guilford Public Schools Safe School Climate Plan. By participating in interactive workshops that explore political and  social issues, attendees will gain tools to promote their personal power, self-esteem, sense of purpose and positive sense of their future.  This conference was also supported by the Guilford Foundation.


The Health Related Fitness Grant

The Health Related Fitness  Grant, awarded to Arthur Fonicello and Meghan Wiese of Elisabeth Adams Middle School, provides for the implementation of FitStats, a customizable web-based assessment and reporting platform, which will allow teachers, students, and parents to monitor student’s physical activity and fitness growth while at Adams Middle School.


Guilford High School: IB Grant

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Grant funded a group of GHS teachers for an exploratory training in the IB educational program.  This trip will aid in the decision about whether or not the district will proceed further in the process of becoming an IB school.  IB is an internationally based program that uses both internal and external assessments for both their certificate students and diploma students. Internally, students are assessed in with multiple formal and informal assessments during the course of a year. 


Adams Middle School: Watershed Environmental Educational Initiative Grant

The Watershed Environmental Educational Initiative Grant will allow E.C. Adams eighth grade science students to explore the environmental impacts of human activity on the West River watershed. They will complete a habitat assessment of the river through observations and accurate data collecting technology. With instruments purchased through this GFFE grant, a variety of water quality parameters will be measured with precision. 


Play-ing with Stories Grant

The Play-ing with Stories Grant.  Over the course of 6 visits, the (4) third grade classes will work collaboratively with a trained storyteller to write, reherse and finally perform a story for their peers.  During their work, they will learn the basics of public speaking, become familiar with stories that may be 100 years old, and realiz that listening is as important as telling.


Guilford High School: Concert

GHS Concert Choir Commissioned Work Grant supports Guilford High School ‘s Concert Choir, an ensemble of 138 singers, in performing a world premiere of local composer Frank Vasi’s new work on the art of American artist Norman Rockwell. Students will heighten their experience as musicians by rehearsing and performing new, modern choral music and having the opportunity to work directly with the composer.

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