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Melissa Jones and Baldwin Middle School: Flip Cameras

A joint grant between Melissa Jones Elementary School and Baldwin Middle School.


GCTV’s Media Education Program

GCTV staff member Shannon Gayle, together with volunteers, has conceived the Media Education Program to guide small groups of students through the full production process from storyboarding to broadcast over the course of 8 weeks. Students will initiate and develop project ideas, identify production elements such as interviews, field shoot elements, music and graphics, have responsibility for scheduling production shoots in the studio and field and edit the final product for the broadcast on GCTV. Throughout the course of their technical training, students will also learn time and resource management, build on interpersonal skills through collaboration with peers and other community members and experience the translation of concepts into a tangible final product.


Got Water?

 The ‘Got Water’ pilot program proposed for A.W. Cox School is a discussion about the quality of water and its importance to the Guilford community. A primary focus of the project is to promote 4th grade students’ understanding of the Open Spaces in Guilford, the watersheds and basins and our relationship to them; children will learn how that can make a difference in keeping our town’s water clean. In combining the use of technology and hands-on education, student participants will experience a personal connection to the subject, which builds upon the current 4th grade water studies curriculum.


Rosetta Stone: English Language Support for native and Second Language Learners

We usually think of the Rosetta Stone as the program that helps travelers learn the language of the country they will be visiting. Led by Calvin Leete Spanish teacher Laura Anderson, this project uses Rosetta Stone as a supplementary instructional tool for students who are either native English speakers or second-language learners. Through this project, second-language learners will have authentic conversational opportunities that will help them adjust to their social and academic setting. Native English language speakers will build confidence by practicing grammar and fluency, and building schema, phonetics and other skills associated with expert use of a language. The Speech Pathologist and the ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher will be able to use the program to address the identified needs of their specific students. Classroom teachers will use the program as an instructional tool for SRBI (Scientific Research Based Interventions) to provide additional individualized instruction in literacy. Students will have additional opportunities to practice and mimic tone, expression, phonemes and fluency.


Simply Smiles- Guilford Mexico 2011

In June 2011, nineteen youth (ages 17-18) from Guilford traveled to Oaxaca, the poorest state in Mexico, with Simply Smiles ( Simply Smiles, Inc. has been traveling to this impoverished region for eight years, assisting in the survival of the people in four different areas; food, education, economics, and construction through volunteerism. The group participated in two projects while there- a food distribution project and a construction project. GFFE supported the educational component and fundraising efforts of the students.


Attendance at the 2011 AP Annual Conference

GFFE supported the attendance of veteran GHS biology teacher Ruth Heckman at this annual conference.


Guilford High School: Sea Perch Underwater Robotics

GHS teachers Nick Ripa and Jim Carlson are bringing Sea Perch Robotics, a national program developed in 2003 by MIT, to GHS. Designed to teach students how to build an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to GHS, the program will integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics education into their existing electronics curriculum planned for the 2011-12 school year.


Eighth-Grade Inter-Disciplinary Learning Experience: Immigration & Navigation with Mystic Seaport Education

Led by Adams 8th grade science teacher Dian Stevens, the Mystic Seaport Project is an inter-curricular learning opportunity and partnership between Adams Middle School team 8-1 and Mystic Seaport. The ultimate goal of this project is to provide a model for an inter-curricular learning experience, which incorporates math, science, language arts, and social studies that is standards based, student-centered, hands-on, rigorous and rich in content. Lessons, materials, student work, and assessments will be developed and tested with the goal of creating a “user’s manual” for future Guilford (and non-Guilford) students.


Guilford Lego League Teams

FIRST LEGO League introduces students ages 9-14 to real-world engineering challenges by designing, building and competing with LEGO-based robots to complete a variety of theme based tasks. Focus is on fun, discovery and student leadership and emphasis is placed on cooperation rather than cut throat competition. Kids do all of the problem solving and programming and are encouraged to share their findings. The Guilford League’s goal is to start two teams of 6-8 students each to participate in a Connecticut Competition during the 2011 season.


A.W. Cox: Long Island Sound Tidal Study Project

Anne Hartford. A.W. Cox Elementary School. This grant will fund the purchase of two web cameras on two sites, one a Olmstead Park and the other at a yet to be decided local pond. By means of these cameras, students will be able to observe tidal patterns and local wild life over an extended period of time at various times of day and night.


Melissa Jones: Creating Habitats-The Real World Nature Connection

Melissa Jones’ Lorrie Shaw is leading the effort- only one of four schools in the state- to seek certification through the National Audubon Society’s new Habitat Recognition program. Melissa Jones is poised to take full advantage of its unique natural setting with the development of an ecologically friendly perennial garden that will serve as the “classroom” for “hands on citizen science”. This authentic approach to learning will be played out in a number of ways, including the ecologically friendly creation of natural habitats, conducting observational studies that require data collection, developing man-made “houses” that encourage nesting, and the establishment of a birding club to teach an appreciation of an respect for the natural environment.


A.W. Cox: The Rakefish Project

The Rakefish Project, led by Cox School art teacher Joe Bernier, creates awareness of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The project delivers a student generated ecological message both within Guilford and across the country to schools in Ohio, Colorado, Texas, California, Hawaii, and Washington, D.C. and then returns to Guilford. Students of the 4th grade class at Cox Elementary created the fish sculpture out of recycled materials. The fish will leave with messages, a thumb drive, and a PowerPoint presentation with open pages for each school to fill in their Garbage Patch awareness research. Cox Students will send the fish off with a bon voyage ceremony and then track the fish as it goes across the country. At the point of send off, each school will SKYPE with the Cox 4th grade students. Upon its return they will create a collage documenting the journey.


Technology Integration Specialist Pilot Program

This grant funds a pilot program within the High School and the Baldwin Middle School the purpose of which is to demonstrate to the District Administrators and Board of Education the merits of bringing Technology Integration Specialists into our schools. The Technology Integration Specialists will function as liaison between the curriculum, hardware, software, technical support, teachers, and classroom. Their purpose will be to support the educational needs of teachers and students by recognizing the potential of technology and then making it part of the curriculum. 

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