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Sharing, Caring, and Living Fifth Grade Math

Gina Broccoli, Math Department, Baldwin Middle School. “Sharing, Caring, and Living Fifth Grade math.” A GFFE grant will help students solve real life problems as a team using a sophisticated student response system, digital projector, Bluetooth keyboard and digital interactive tablet.


Guilford High School: Speaking in Tongues

Sharon Jacobson, Foreign Language Department, Guilford High School. “Speaking in Tongues.” GFFE will help GHS students improve their speaking and listening foreign language skills by supplying computer headsets and access to digital recording and editing software.


Guilford High School: Yale Model United Nations Conference

Michael Dalton, Social Studies Department, Guilford High School. “Yale Model United Nations Conference.” A GFFE grant will enable the GHS Model United Nations club to participate in the upcoming International Model United Nations Conference at Yale University.


Guilford High School: Interact Club Digital Display and Showcase

Anna Goodridge, student at Guilford High School. GFFE will help the GHS Interact Club build a digital display and showcase to exhibit Interact Club activities and the activities or other GHS clubs.


Calvin Leete School: Green Carnival

Amanda Merrill, Calvin Leete School. A GFFE grant will allow six fourth graders to create a carnival celebrating environmentally friendly practices. The money raised from the carnival will be donated to a “green” cause.


Guilford High School: Writer's Workshop

John Terenzi, Guilford High School, was awarded an Apple Grant to attend a week-long writers’ workshop this summer at Exeter Academy, to spend a week writing under the tutelage of some of the finest instructors in the country. The workshop has the dual objective of providing professional development as well as nurturing a teachers’ creative impulses as a writer.


Guilford Lakes and A.W. Cox: Art Educations Conference

Joe Bernier, Guilford Lakes and A.W. Cox Elementary Schools, received an Apple Grant to attend the Connecticut Art Education Association Fall 2010 Conference, where he hopes to gain knowledge about the visual arts portion of the Connecticut Common Arts Assessment Initiative. 

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