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Calvin Leete School: Math Club

Math is fun, as students in a 4th grade Calvin Leete School classroom will attest. They have been participating in a pilot program using the 24 Game, a unique no-tech mathematics-teaching tool that has proven to successfully engage students in grades 1 through 9 from diverse economic and social backgrounds throughout the country. This grant supports the creation of a math club that will incorporate the use of 24 in every classroom in the building, thus creating a communal bond across grades and classrooms. Once 24 is established as a daily intervention/enrichment activity, Leete teacher will take the game to the next level, initiating “24 tournaments” for 3rd and 4th grade students. It is hoped that other schools will adopt this program with the knowledge of its successful incorporation at Leete. As 24 inventor Robert Sun has said, “Knowing the answer is always 24 alleviates a classic brand of math anxiety – getting the right answer – and instead puts the emphasis on the process and patterns”, what he calls “the method behind math.”


Guilford Public Schools: Using Nintendo

This grant funds a pilot study to explore the use of Nintendo’s virtual reality system Wii, (a video-type program which integrates physical movement) with children on the autism spectrum. The goal of this project is to explore the impact of the Wii on the foundational skills of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. It is expected that exposure to Wii programs would enhance sensory integration and ultimately help with learning academic skills.


Guilford High School: Guilford High Schools Model United Nations Team

This grant project will help establish a Model United Nations Team Club at the high school. The goals of the Guilford Model United Nations Team Club will be to achieve an advanced understanding of global issues through independent research and active participation in Model United Nations conferences involving simulation activities with peers from local, national, and international schools. Participating students will research assigned issues from the perspective of officials from subject countries, compose position papers, and formulate resolutions on real world issues. The Model UN allows students to participate in simulations run by college Model UN clubs on college campuses and at the UN in New York.


Melissa Jones: Writer's Wall Publication

Melissa Jones School will celebrate the developing writing of students at all grade levels by setting up a Writer’s Wall on which the writing accomplishments of students will be shared with the school community.  A literary board comprised of a group of fourth graders will choose the pieces displayed each week, looking for representative samples of the best writing at the various grade levels and in a variety of genres.  The Writers’ Wall requires collaboration of students, parent volunteers, and teachers to post weekly quality writings and compile a book at year’s end to send home with every child.  This grant will fund the publication for the initial year.


A.W. Cox:  One School, One Book, One Adventure

In October 2009, the A.W. Cox School community will experience a month-long, school-wide celebration and reading of a universally loved book, to be revealed at the kickoff event.  This program will open up a dialogue with all members of the school community in ways that promote literacy, instruction and learning for all.  Activities will focus on community-wide discussion, differentiated for each grade level, and will be assigned to foster deeper thinking, and enhanced reading, listening and comprehension skills.  The goal is to have a school unified by a shared experience that brings readers of all ages together sharing their insights.


Mix It Up: Teen Mentoring Program for Girls

Helping our community develop girls who have strong self-esteem and positive self images and who will make positive choices is the focus of this Women and Family Life Center project.  A group of eleventh grade girls for Guilford High School, trained as mentors, will work together with eighth grade girls from Adams Middle School on two long-term activities, a cooking class and a photography class in this kick off year of the program.  The long-term goal of this project is to create a peer-mentoring program that includes girls from grades eight through twelve.

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