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Adams General Music Lab

This grant provides an instrumental music option to nearly 1⁄3 of the AMS student population. It also creates a pathway to future general music courses offered at GHS.  Students who are learning a new instrument face various challenges that they must overcome to succeed. This can be directly tied to academic rigor, learning as apprenticeship, self-management of learning, and recognition of accomplishment. 


Bike and Read

GFFE is proud to award Cheryl Robertson, media specialist at Adams Middle School her grant request for two standing bikes.  This will benefit students who would like to get exercise while reading as well as those who need motion while working to concentrate. The library is a hub for students and these silent bikes give more options as well as make reading even more fun.


MBDA Technology Enhancement

With this awarded grant, students will now be able to unleash their creativity with new and
innovative presentation ideas, such as infomercials, commercials, podcasts, movies, television broadcasts and much more. Every student will now have equitable access to equipment, such as cameras and microphones, so that their creativity and vision are not limited by a lack of access to supplies. 


Kindergarten Fine Motor and Handwriting Development

With this grant, teachers will be able to design centers with colorful and fun multisensory supplies and games. Such creative and engaging centers will allow for students to have more time and practice strengthening their fine motor skills so that they are able to fully participate in the Kindergarten curriculum.


Nature School Mark Making

With the Nature School Mark Making Grant, students will now be able to expand their learning as writers of this beautiful world.  With a classroom that takes place entirely outside, students require different tools and materials.  Waterproof paper, portable writing surfaces, crayon rocks, and weathertight bins are among the many items supported by this grant.


STEM Puzzles

The Mini Grant will provide STEM puzzles and games for all of the third grade classrooms at AW Cox Elementary School. Educational puzzles offer students time to develop social skills, to collaborate and to practice sportsmanship. At the start of the day, during indoor recess or during STEM time, students will have a selection of fun and challenging games from which to choose.


Relaxation Station

The Relaxation Station offers students a reliable, quiet space for socialization, communication and connection. With this grant, students will now find more challenging and fun STEM activities, like logic games and puzzles, in this loved section of the library.


CNC Laser

The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Laser Grant will allow for the purchase of the BOSS Laser HP-3655, offering high school students access to advanced technology. The awarded grant will greatly add to the students’ learning experiences not only in Theater Technology and Design classes, but also in other STEM courses, like Physics, Robotics and Engineering. In addition to creating a variety of meaningful and educational projects, students will gain real life experience with CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs, design software and material processing.


Coyote Music Ambassador Ensemble

The AW Cox Howlers Ensemble is a performing ensemble of steel pan and bucket marching drums for upper elementary students. The musicians will also learn how to play ukuleles, marimbas and other types of percussion instruments. Performing popular and multicultural songs at district events, fairs, parades and more, the Howlers Ensemble will delight audiences in Guilford and throughout Connecticut.


U Fitness

With the U Fitness Grant, Coach D will be able to enhance the PE program at MJS with the use of a Heart Zones kit. Using wristband heart rate monitors, students will be able to see and track their exertion levels in class and will receive individualized feedback on how to improve. By being able to track their performance in real time, students will see number of steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, as well as measure their amount of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity (MVPA) each week.


Flexible Seating

With the Flexible Seating Mini Grant, Ms. Cutler will be able to purchase wobble chairs, yoga balls, floor chairs and portable lap desks for her students to use during classroom time. Writers will benefit from a variety of creative spaces in the classroom, choosing what they need to be successful in language arts.


NGNS Introduction to STEM

Students will lead their own learning as they observe, experiment, build, ask questions, and create with their classmates, teachers and family members at home. The innovative aspect of this Mini Grant is how NGNS encourages family members to be a part of their learning. STEM projects and kits will be shared at home to further expand and extend the students’ learning experiences. Hands on learning, when coupled with family involvement, is so meaningful for young students.


Music Lab

With this new course created by the GHS Music Department and the equipment funded by the GFFE grant, students will experience music production in the digital age. The course is offered to all students but will appeal specifically to those who choose to be “behind the scenes” rather than on stage performing music.


Project Ascent

The Project Ascent Grant will  allow for the purchase and installation of an indoor 16x18 foot traverse wall complete  with moveable handholds and varying challenges for students of all abilities. The traverse wall will be the first of its kind to be installed in any of the Guilford elementary  schools. Project Ascent aims to provide elementary students a climbing course that will improve  physical strength and challenge cognitive function.


GreenStage Guilford: Live Arts!

The GreenStage Guilford Live Arts Festival will present to the community a wide range of free hands-on educational performances and experiences.  Storytelling, dance, choral music, puppetry, and community discussions are a few of the many interactive and creative offerings to the public.  The Guilford Green will host the Festival, along with nearby businesses, churches and community spaces.


STEM in Preschool

The Mini Grant will offer STEM learning materials and experiences to preschool students while also promoting a home school connection with NGNS families. Students will learn independently and collaboratively in stations that offer exploration with magnetism, motion, buoyancy, engineering and design. Students will lead their own learning as they observe, experiment, build, ask questions, and create with their classmates, teachers and family members at home. The innovative aspect of this Mini Grant is how NGNS encourages family members to be a part of their learning.

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