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Kindness and Coffee are Everything!

Get those drink and snack orders ready! The GFFE is proud to fund the DI (Direct Instruction) Math Treat Cart Mini Grant. The grant will fund the startup of a student led weekly beverage and snack cart at the Guilford High School.

Students will design, launch, and operate their own business, offering hot coffee, lemonade, and popcorn to the entire school community. The DI Math Treat Cart will not only provide nourishment and energy to their clientele, but will also give students a real life opportunity to practice math, to improve social skills, to build self-confidence, and to take on more responsibility. The DI Math Treat Cart will empower students to take the lead on managing time and money, communicating with staff and fellow students, improving life and vocational skills, and increasing independence. Earnings from the cart will be used to resupply items needed for the cart.

Thank you to Special Education Teacher Rick Paolini for creating a grant that will most definitely foster a greater sense of compassion and inclusivity within the GHS school community and beyond.

To continue supporting kindness and community in our schools, please consider donating to or to learn more about all that we do, please visit

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