Grant Overview

The Guilford Fund for Education (GFFE) is a non-profit, community-based organization established in 2006. The purpose of the fund is to encourage and support the creation of innovative projects that will enrich the education and growth of all students in Guilford. GFFE accomplishes its mission through its grant programs.


GFFE awards grants to finance educational opportunities outside the scope of the regular operating budget of the agency with which an applicant is affiliated. These grants target areas such as enrichment of curriculum and instruction in the classroom in the school, or district-wide; school or district-wide enhancement of professional development and teacher learning; student leadership; school and community collaboration; and community participation in all aspects of education. Beyond Guilford Public Schools, GFFE considers grant applications from preschools, non-profits and community organizations that support Guilford youth.

GFFE funds grants that aid the transformation of the educational environment and experiences of Guilford youth. Among the areas GFFE considers for funding are those that explore potential programmatic changes to methodologies, learning, experiences, or techniques that are new or innovative to the Guilford educational environment. For example, focus areas include enhancements to STEM curricula, support in the arts or programs to enhance social emotional learning.